Flytta til Sverige med vår 2014 4Runner

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Flytta til Sverige med vår 2014 4Runner

Inlägg av pachaking »

Jag och min svenska fru kommer att flytta tillbaka til Sverige från USA med vår 2014 4Runner Trail. Is this a silly idea? Should we sell it before moving?

If we do take it, should we buy extra spare parts (break pads, air filters, oil filters, etc.) or will we be able to find them there? If we should buy ahead of time, what other parts would you suggest? And what might a solution be if we needed to replace something like the windshield? I do not believe there is a similar model sold in Sweden that uses the same windshield.

Any advice or suggestions are very much appreciated.

Tack så jättemycket.
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Re: Flytta til Sverige med vår 2014 4Runner

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I live in sweden and own two Toyota Celica models, a 1982 Toyota Ccelica 2.0 XT Coupe (moving goods from Saudi Arabia) and a 1992 Toyota Celica GTi Convertible that I imported myself from Germany. These models have never been sold at the Swedish market. There has never been any problem with ordering spare parts at my local Toyota dealership, the spare parts have come from Toyota's spare parts warehouse in Belgium and when they have not been available there, the parts have come directly from Japan. The prerequisite, of course, is that the parts have not been discontinued in the range/warehousing at Toyota in Japan. Good luck moving to Sweden, the 2014 4Runner Trail is a very nice car, I think you should keep it! :thumbup:
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Re: Flytta til Sverige med vår 2014 4Runner

Inlägg av Glenn »

Toyota, as opposed to some other manufacturers dont seem to have any problems ordering parts for any car, sold here or not, but they might not have the EPC for it. ..However if you have the partnumber and ask them to order it they do.

..At least MOST toyota dealers do, I found once that refused to order anything that was not already in their computer, but most just call toyota sweden and ask them to add the part.
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